SOLIDWORKS Tricks and Tips

Speed up and enhance your workflow with various SOLIDWORKS tricks, tips, and design approaches.

Work faster and more efficiently with those SOLIDWORKS tricks and tips!

Course Summary

This program aims to increase your efficiency when working with SOLIDWORKS using different 3D modeling tricks, tips, and approaches. The topics covered in this program are meant to supplement the other comprehensive programs we have at our school, but you can also go through them separately. This is an evolving program, so more topics will be added to it with time.


Basic skill level in using SOLIDWORKS.

What is in the Course?

The program includes 12+ videos. More contents are continuously being added to this program.

Learning Objective

Enable you to work faster and more efficiently with different tricks, tips, and design approaches. 
offer live office hours 3 times a week

Live Office Hours
3 times a week to clarify your doubts

Assuming you are starting from scratch

Beginner Level
Assuming you are starting from scratch

the whole course will deliver in English

Taught in English
Standard English is used to deliver the material

 take one month to complete the course

One Week to Complete
2 hours learning time

Questions Frequently Asked

Why are tricks and tips important when using SOLIDWORKS?

Learning different tricks and modeling approaches with SOLIDWORKS is like gaining new superpowers. They will enable you to 3D model objects quicker and more effectively. In addition, they also look cool, and help you gain some bragging rights.

Can I share tricks and tips to be included in this program?

Yes, this program is continuously growing with the help of different contributors. We would love for you to share tricks and tips to be included in the program. You can contact us directly for those or share them using the feedback forms inside the program.

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What Does This Course Cover?

  1. Dynamic Visualization 
  2. Editing sketch plane 
  3. The Delete Face command 
  4. Opposite hand part as in separate file part 
  5. Opposite hand part as a part configuration 
  6. The Split Command 
  7. Mirroring right/left-hand parts within an assembly
  8. Exploded Views 
  9. Auto-arrange dimensions 
  10. Top/bottom vs. bottom/up modeling approaches 
  11. Mouse gestures 
  12. More topics…

Samples From the Course

Below are sample videos from inside the course. All other materials are made with the same style and quality.

The Delete Face Command
Setting up Mouse Gestures

Start Working Smarter with SOLIDWORKS!

Get Unlimited access to all TforDesign programs with personalized support. 

Course Instructors

Mohsina Zafar

Mohsina handles the ongoing technical support for TforDesign’s SOLIDWORKS courses. She is the one who would give you a push whenever you face difficulty following up with our technical SOLIDWORKS courses. Mohsina believes in changing the world through innovation and technology. She is a Mechatronics and Control Engineer who is also passionate about CAD design and machine and deep learning.

Her love for 3D modeling started 6 years ago in which she has been utilizing SOLIDWORKS as her main design tool for different projects. When not working, Mohsina loves to read and make restaurant-quality food.

Tayseer Almattar

Tayseer Almattar is the founder of TforDesign and co-founder of ideabee Design Consultancy. He holds a bachelor's (B.S.) degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Design (MDes) degree in international design and business management. He has many years of experience in corporate training, instructional design, and quality assurance. He has also been an avid user of SOLIDWORKS for over 10 years and has published multiple online SOLIDWORKS training courses with over 40,000 enrolled students from over 120 countries. In addition, he authored the book 'Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020' published by Packt Publishing.

    Tayseer is interested in the use of design principles and technology to add value to different organizations. He is also passionate about sustainability and how design can help to build more sustainable organizations.