A full-format SOLIDWORKS CSWA Practice Exam that resembles the actual SOLIDWORKS CSWA Exam.

Prepare for the SOLIDWORKS Associate Exam!

Course Summary

This practice exam is made to prepare you for the SOLIDWORKS official Associate certification exam. The unique questions in this exam will provide you with a realistic experience of the actual exam. So, if you are wondering whether or not you are ready for the CSWA exam, you can try here first. The full practice exam was divided into 4 parts covering the variety of questions with a recommended total time of 3 hours. If you just want to test your own SOLIDWORKS skills, you can also give this practice exam a try.


  • SOLIDWORKS Skills to the Associate Level 
  • Access to SOLIDWORKS 2016 or newer

What is in the Course?

4 learning elements including:

  • 1 question set on drawings competencies
  •  2 question sets on parts modeling  
  • 1 question set on assemblies  

Learning Objectives

  1. Be familiar with the simulation workflow. 
  2. Be able to conduct static simulation analysis for parts and assemblies.  
  3. Be able to communicate simulation results clearly.  
you will get an certificate after completed the course

Certificate of Completion
To recognize what you learned

offer live office hours 3 times a week

Live Office Hours
3 times a week to clarify your doubts

Assuming you are starting from scratch

Beginner Level
Assuming you are starting from scratch

the whole course will deliver in English

Taught in English
Standard English is used to deliver the material

 take one month to complete the course

One Month to Complete
Learning time is subjected to the difficulty you face 

Questions Frequently Asked

What is the CSWA Certification?

CSWA stands for Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate. It is SOLIDWORKS’s most popular and most basic certificate to verify your ability and essential knowledge to use the software. It proves your skills to use SOLIDWORKS to model designs meeting the industry's standard practices.

Why Should I Become Certified in CSWA?

Being a CSWA is like having proof from SOLIDWORKS themselves that you know all the must-have skills for a serious SOLIDWORKS user. It will also make you stand out and increase your competitiveness from the job market.

What Should I Do to Prepare For the CSWA Exam?

To prepare for the exam, you must have a good mastery of all the must-have SOLIDWORKS features that will enable you to create 3D models of parts and generate assemblies. This entails knowing what those features and commands do, applying them, and knowing their limitation. You must also be able to interpret 2D Engineering drawings quickly and translate them into 3D models and assemblies. All this takes a good amount of both learning and practice.

What are Key Tips For Taking the CSWA Exam?

Here are some essentials tips and notes that you have to keep in mind when sitting for the CSWA exam. Check out the blog and see how long the CSWA exam takes and what the dos and don'ts during the exam. We have gathered 8 Tips for Taking Official SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam for your reference.

You can also check out our SOLIDWORKS CSWA Practice Exam Course for more CSWA exam preparation.

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Why this CSWA Practice Exam Instead of Free Web Resources?

If you are looking for a practice CSWA exam, you will find several free cswa exam practice questions on the web. You might also come across the official SOLIDWORKS sample exam. So, why take this cswa practice exam? Here are a few reasons:

What did They Say?

"I wanted to take the (CSWA) certification, so I tried the official practice exam and found myself frustrated with the lack of feedback on it, so I went to the TforDesign site and bought their practice exam. The exam was more thorough than the official practice exam, but even better, you got to review, and further, you could sign up for office hours where you could directly discuss your questions and parts of the test live. They not only were quick to respond to my questions but went above and beyond making a video explaining my questions to me thoroughly--giving me the insight I needed to feel confident and ready to take on the CSWA exam."

-Aaron Brown-

Just like the real CSWA Exam

This simulates the entirety of the official exam, not bits and pieces.

Quick Support

If you have difficulty with a question, you will be helped and guided by SOLIDWORKS certified specialists.

Instant Feedback

You will get feedback if you answer questions correctly or not.


This exam was designed by specialists who taught and used SOLIDWORKS for many years.

men holding an ipad for taking notes

What Does This Course Cover?

Drafting Competencies

  1. Miscellaneous Questions on Drafting Competencies 
  2. Basic Part Creation and Modification Sketching 
  3. Extrude Boss 
  4. Extrude Cut 
  5. Fillet 
  6. Modification of Key Dimensions

Intermediate Part Creation and Modification

  1. Sketching 
  2.  Extruded Boss  
  3. Extruded Cut  
  4. Swept Boss  
  5. Swept Cut  
  6. Fillet

Circular Pattern Advanced Part Creation and Modification

  1. Sketching 
  2. Sketch Offset 
  3. Extrude Boss 
  4. Revolved Boss 
  5. Modification of Key Dimensions 
  6. More Difficult Geometry 
  7. Modifications Assembly Creation 
  8. Placing of Base Part 
  9. Standard Mates 
  10. Modifications in Assembly 

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Course Instructor

Tayseer Almattar is the founder of TforDesign and co-founder of ideabee Design Consultancy. He holds a bachelor's (B.S.) degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Design (MDes) degree in international design and business management. He has many years of experience in corporate training, instructional design, and quality assurance. He has also been an avid user of SOLIDWORKS for over 10 years and has published multiple online SOLIDWORKS training courses with over 40,000 enrolled students from over 120 countries. In addition, he authored the book 'Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020' published by Packt Publishing.

    Tayseer is interested in the use of design principles and technology to add value to different organizations. He is also passionate about sustainability and how design can help to build more sustainable organizations.