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        Check Out What Other Learners Say!

        I have used SolidWorks before and even took a course previously at college a couple of years ago. I recently am back to using SolidWorks daily at my job, so I decided to check out a course to brush up on my skills. Thank goodness I found TforDesign! This SolidWorks course was clear, concise, and extremely helpful! It literally takes you from A to Z with tips, tricks, and things to look out for. Even though I had some previous knowledge of SolidWorks, I learned so much with this course. I am grateful for Tayseer! Thank you for helping me prepare for the CSWA exam! 10/10 would recommend this course!

        Melissa, US

        I learned a lot about 3D Printing, the Types, and the difference between 3D Printing machines. The Filed of uses and the choices of the right 3D Printer. The course is very Organized and easy to follow, and I strongly recommend anyone with intersession in 3D Printing to take the course.

        Ahmed Ghouma , DE

        The Practical Introduction to FDM 3D Printing course is a true "FDM Printing 101" Very clear and easy to understand while covering an overview of Every aspect of FDM printing. This course is a MUST for Everyone considering 3d printing or deciding to own a printer. Outstanding Course!

        Keven Acosta,US

        For me, it was very helpful to have good experience of SolidWorks 3D CAD. The teaching method was very simple and explanatory. The lectures made the course easy for a beginner like me. I Hope TforDesign will make the 3D Design world rich.

        Badrul Alam, CA

        Great course. There was always someone to answer my question within a reasonable amount of time. Thank You TforDesign.

        Юрій Шевчук, CA

        Their classes for SolidWorks are thorough and concise, teaching you by having you follow along and do, with exercises for you to try on your own after the video lessons to further reinforce them. The videos themselves are well-edited, easy to understand and follow, and have great audio and visual quality. The lessons build on each other so that you're never lost or feeling overwhelmed.

        Aaron Brown , US

        When my senior handed me over a PC with SW installed and asked, hey why don't you design parts that we need in our lab in SW. I never worked with any CAD and started looking for one on the net. After going through free lectures, I decided to go with TforDesign. When I finished it with assignments, I started filling great. You will not only gain knowledge but will get a vision and confidence of designing parts and assemblies. I strongly recommend this course for any beginner as it is extremely well designed, clears all your doubts and believe me you start making parts which are out of syllabus with confidence.

        Nilesh Kulkarni, IN

        You can find more reviews on Trustpilot Account.