Verify your familiarity with a particular set of SOLIDWORKS-related skills.

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What are SOLIDWORKS Certifications?  

SOLIDWORKS Corp grants SOLIDWORKS certificates to verify your familiarity with a particular set of SOLIDWORKS-related skills. They are your best way to prove your expertise in using SOLIDWORKS to potential employers and clients. There are a wide variety of certifications offered by SOLIDWORKS. Each can help you demonstrate your skills to a certain level.   

What is a SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam?  

SOLIDWORKS certification exams are what you need to pass to acquire any specific certificate. Each certificate has its own exam that you can take online.

There altogether 4 different levels of the solidworks certification: associate level, professional level, professional-advanced level and expert level

What are the Available Certifications For SOLIDWORKS?

SOLIDWORKS certificates are at four different levels: Associate, Professional, Professional-Advanced, and Expert. There is more than one certificate on offer under each level. If you are starting from scratch, we recommend you follow the indicated arrows for your certification journey below.  

Which SOLIDWORKS Certification should I Take First? 

This images list out the solidworks learning pathway if you are started from scratch with solidworks software


Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate


Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional  


Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced 


Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert


Computer-aided Manufacturing 


Application Programming Interface  

You can find more information about each of the certificates on the official SOLIDWORKS certifications program page. Different certificates are being added to the list over time as SOLIDWORKS keeps adding more functions to the software.  

Which of the SOLIDWORKS Certificates do I Need to Take?  

Every person is different in terms of which certificates they need or should take. The most common core SOLIDWORKS Certificates are the CSWA and the CSWP, both relating to Mechanical Design. If you are starting with SOLIDWORKS or looking to use it to create generic 3D Models, we would recommend you work toward those two levels. Those will equip you with the most common SOLIDWORKS tools and give you a good foundation to move toward any of the more specialized levels. As for the rest of the levels, that would mostly depend on your intended specific applications. For example, suppose you will be working towards designing sheet metals. In that case, it is recommended to seek the advanced sheet metal certificate. Similarly, with all the professional advanced levels and the specialty topics like simulations, CAM, etc.

What SOLIDWORKS Certification Programs are Available to Me? 

All the certification exams are available for anyone to take. All of the certification exams are conducted online through the Tangix TesterPro Client, which you can download through the 3D Experience Certification Centre. Depending on your skill level and needs, you can pick the certificates that best suit you. With the exception of the Expert Certification, there are no prerequisites to taking any of the certificates.   

How do I Take a SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam?  

You can take any of the SOLIDWORKS Certifications through the SOLIDWORKS Certification Program. The certifications are paid with prices ranging from USD 20 to 149. Once you purchase an exam, you will be able to take it through the TesterPro Client. You will need to have a stable internet connection through the exam as they are online.  

Student editions:

If you are a student, you might be eligible for free certification vouchers if you belong to an institution that is an Academic Certification Provider.  

If I have a SOLIDWORKS License with an Active Subscription, Can I Use it to Redeem Free Certification Exams Vouchers? 

If you have an active SOLIDWORKS subscription, you are eligible for free vouchers for three certification exams every six months for each subscription. The three free vouchers have to be on three different certification categories. They are as follows:  

  1. Core topics: CSWA or CSWP, each at a value of USD 99.  
  2. Advanced Topic: a choice between Drawing tools, Mold Making, Sheet Metal, Surfacing, and Weldments. Each is at a value of USD 20.  
  3. Specialty Topics: a choice between Additive Manufacturing, Electrical Associate, Simulation Associate, Sustainability Associate, CAM Professional, MBD Professional, PDM Administrator, or Simulation Professional. Each is at a value of USD 50. 

Each of the vouchers will have six months of validity from the day of issue. Also, the vouchers are not restricted to a specific person, so you can give the voucher codes to any member of your team.

What Happens if I Fail a Certification Exam?  

If you fail the certification exams, you can simply retake it. However, you can’t immediately after. Each of the exams has a specified period that you have to wait. The waiting period to retake an exam is 14 days, except for the expert-level exams, which have a waiting period of 90 days. There will be no public records for any failed attempt you have.  

I have been using SOLIDWORKS for Many Years. Should I get Certified? 

Many tend to think that it is enough to say that you have used SOLIDWORKS for multiple years. However, that does not prove that you have a well-rounded understanding of SOLIDWORKS tools and functions to meet the standard of the certified SOLIDWORKS expert.  This is especially applicable to critical functions relating to model optimizations and maintaining design intents.  
A SOLIDWORKS certification will not only prove your skills on building visual 3D models but also prove your ability in other functions like design optimization, the ability to maintain design intents, and being able to do all that in a benchmarked timed duration.  

Are the SOLIDWORKS Certifications Verified?  

Each issued certification would have a unique Certification ID for people to validate it through the 3DExperience Certification Centre. In addition, there is a public certified users directory that contains a list of all certified users. As a certified user, you can choose if you want to be listed there or not through your account at the 3DExperience Certification Center.  

What is the Best Approach to Learn SOLIDWORKS and Get Certified?  

Preparing for SOLIDWORKS certification exams requires a comprehensive strategy combining extensive practice and structured learning. TforDesign provides an excellent starting point, offering comprehensive courses with a focus on core SOLIDWORKS content complemented by ample practice opportunities, mock exams, and project work.

Alongside these structured courses, it's beneficial to practice 3D modeling with varied artifacts that can be found in everyday spaces like your home or office. This approach ensures that you continually challenge yourself, facilitating growth and increased familiarity with the software.

The journey to becoming a certified SOLIDWORKS professional is optimally guided by structured learning with experienced individuals or organizations. This method allows you to grasp the software in a linear, organized way that saves time while fostering the acquisition of best practices. It can also alleviate some of the confusion that may arise when learning from disconnected sources.

TforDesign School offers SOLIDWORKS programs tailored to different levels, embodying the principle of structured learning, and they also provide access to experts for addressing any questions or concerns during your learning journey. This approach amalgamates structured learning and extensive practice, providing a solid groundwork for certification exam preparation.

How Hard is it to Start Learning SOLIDWORKS and Get Certified if I am Already Familiar with AutoCAD?

AutoCAD has some fundamental differences with SOLIDWORKS as much of it is 2D while SOLIDWORKS is a fully 3D software. Thus, coming from AutoCAD, we recommend starting with a basic level like our Associate course.

Your familiarity with AutoCAD may expedite your learning process with SOLIDWORKS quicker than average, as you might already be familiar with the fundamental way of thinking when dealing with CAD software.

How can SOLIDWORKS Certifications Benefit Your Career?

You might be asking about the possible benefits SOLIDWORKS certifications can have on your career. Here are a few:

  • Amplifying Job Opportunities: A SOLIDWORKS certification distinctly showcases your expertise and commitment to prospective employers, making you their preferred choice. Being certified establishes your credibility, presenting you as a serious professional thoroughly acquainted with SOLIDWORKS. 
  • Bargaining for a Higher Salary: Holding a SOLIDWORKS certification has its privileges. As a validation of your proficiency and skills, it empowers you to negotiate a higher starting salary or propose a pay increase. This tangible credential is an asset, justifying your demand for better remuneration.   
  • Accelerating Career Advancement: a SOLIDWORKS certification can serve as a stepping-stone to professional growth. By enriching your portfolio with this certification, you demonstrate a continuous commitment to learning and professional development, which could fast-track your career progression.

However, it's important to remember that these certifications do not act alone. To truly leverage the benefits of being a SOLIDWORKS certified professional, you must intertwine it with concerted efforts to continuously expand your knowledge, stay apprised of industry trends, and develop other related skills pertinent to your career. Your growth should be multi-faceted, and acquiring a SOLIDWORKS certification is a brilliant part of this larger picture of overall professional advancement.


In this article, we tried to provide a brief exploration of SOLIDWORKS certifications. These certifications, available at levels from Associate to Expert, are instrumental in endorsing one's SOLIDWORKS skills, enhancing professional credibility, and opening up better job opportunities or higher salaries. With online exams accessible to anyone with a stable internet connection, acquiring these certificates is convenient if you have the skills for it. Extensive practice - such as through SOLIDWORKS training courses - is recommended to boost chances of success in these exams, with special provisions like free certification vouchers for students or active SOLIDWORKS subscription holders adding further value. The final takeaway? SOLIDWORKS certifications, while valuable, are just one piece of the larger puzzle of multi-faceted professional development.

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