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Become a power user and acquire the needed skills to pass the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) Exam.

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Course Summary

This is a streamlined program to take you from knowing the basics about SOLIDWORKS to giving you all the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP). This program will enable you to, with confidence, use SOLIDWORKS to design complex innovations and draft complex models. After this program, you can proudly list your advanced SOLIDWORKS skills in your resume.

NOTE: This program is as an ADVANCED continuation to our previous best-selling SOLIDWORKS Associate program. The previous program takes you from nothing to the Associate Certification level (CSWA), while this program takes from the Associate Certification level (basic level) to the Professional Certification level (CSWP).


  • Access to SOLIDWORKS 2016 or newer 
  • Basic skill using SOLIDWORKS 
  • Microsoft Excel

What is in the Course?

60 learning elements including:

  • 39 videos 
  • 9 practice sets 
  • 1 capstone project 
  • a final test

Learning Objectives

  1. Be able to design complex parts 
  2. Be able to incorporate design tables and multiple configurations to optimize your designs 
  3. Be able to generate complex dynamic and static assemblies
you will get an certificate after completed the course

Certificate of Completion
To recognize what you learned

offer live office hours 3 times a week

Live Office Hours
3 times a week to clarify your doubts

Assuming you are starting from scratch

Beginner Level
Assuming you are starting from scratch

the whole course will deliver in English

Taught in English
Standard English is used to deliver the material

 take one month to complete the course

One Month to Complete
6 hours/week or 24 hours learning time

Questions Frequently Asked

What is the CSWP Certification?

CSWP stands for Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional. It is an advanced Mechanical Design Certification proving your advanced ability to design and analyze parts and dynamic assemblies.

Why Should I Become a CSWP?

Becoming a CSWP sets you apart as a person who has an advanced understanding of SOLIDWORKS, adding a layer of distinction above the majority of the basic software users. It will also help prove to potential employers that you are a highly competent professional using SOLIDWORKS. However, becoming a CSWP is not a requirement for mastering the software.

How to Prepare for the CSWP Exam and Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS User?

The CSWP exam covers advanced mechanical design tools in both designing parts and building fixed and dynamic assemblies. In addition to many design evaluation tools. Passing the exam will require considerable dedication to both study and practice. The exam will also require you to be quick in thinking in applying different commands to solve the questions within the given time. The best way to prepare is to master all the expected tools and spend lots of time practicing.

Can I Become a CSWP Without Being a CSWA?

Yes, if you have all the skills required to become a CSWP, you can skip the CSWA. However, all the skills expected for the CSWA are also expected of a CSWP, in addition to much more.

 To help with the exam, we gathered 8 Tips for Taking Official SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam for your review. 

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men holding an ipad for taking notes

What Does This Course Cover?

  1. How to use the advanced features Draft, Shell, Rib, and Features Mirroring.  
  2.  How to use internationally defined standards to create holes and slots.  
  3. How to create a new coordinate system and utilize it in mass properties evaluation.  
  4. How to link dimensions in a part using equations.  
  5. How to create a part with more than one body (multi-body part) and how to take advantage of this approach.  
  6. How to specify features application to one body over another.  
  7. How to utilize Design Tables to create multiple configurations of the same model.  
  8. How to manually create model configurations each with different applied features.  
  9. How to use the advanced mates Profile Center, Symmetric, Width, Path Mate, Linear/Linear coupler, and Distance & Angle ranges.  
  10. How to link different dimensions in different parts using in-context features.  
  11. How to apply Assembly Features and what the design intent of doing that is.  
  12. How to use collision and interference detection.  
  13. How to replace parts in an assembly and transfer all active mates.  

Samples From the Course

Below are sample videos from inside the course. All other materials are made with the same style and quality.

Multibody Parts
Assembly Features

Capstone project require learners to make a radial engine from scratch

Capstone Project

At the end of the program, you will have a chance to do a capstone project to reinforce all you learned by practice. In this, you will be given a set of engineering drawings. You will need to interpret them and construct a radial engine assembly of 56 parts, including sub-assemblies and multiple parts configurations. In addition to the capstone project being a good practice, it will also be an excellent addition to your portfolio.

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete all the program materials, you will get a downloadable certificate of completion. More importantly, you will be able to highlight your SOLIDWORKS skills in your resume.   

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Course Instructor

Tayseer Almattar is the founder of TforDesign and co-founder of ideabee Design Consultancy. He holds a bachelor's (B.S.) degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Design (MDes) degree in international design and business management. He has many years of experience in corporate training, instructional design, and quality assurance. He has also been an avid user of SOLIDWORKS for over 10 years and has published multiple online SOLIDWORKS training courses with over 40,000 enrolled students from over 120 countries. In addition, he authored the book 'Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020' published by Packt Publishing.

    Tayseer is interested in the use of design principles and technology to add value to different organizations. He is also passionate about sustainability and how design can help to build more sustainable organizations.