Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is required to enroll in the courses here?
Each of the courses have different recommended requirements which are highlighted in the course’s page and introduction video. For example, for our SOLIDWORKS courses, Do you recommend having access to the software version 2016 or newer to get the most out of the course.

There are different SOLIDWORKS levels on offer, what is the difference between them?
Each of the courses address is a different level. If you are just starting with SOLIDWORKS, then we recommend taking the associate level first, then the professional level. The topics covered in each of the courses are highlighted at the course’s page.  

Will I get a certificate after completing the course? What does it indicate?
Yes, you will be able to download a digital certificate of accomplishment after completing all the course’s lectures. You can share their certificate with your friends, relatives, Coworkers, or potential employers. The certificate of accomplishment can help demonstrate your dedication towards learning and highlight the skills you gain from a particular course. However, note that TforDesign is not an accredited institution; thus, certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation..

If I have a question regarding the training materials, how will they be addressed?
Each of the courses have a dedicated community page in which you can share your questions to be answered by other students or a member of the TforDesign team.

What are the formats of the courses?
All courses are mainly presented via videos. However, they also include text lectures and videos to support the learning experience.

Will I be able to download the course’s materials?
Each of the courses has a number of downloadable resources to support the learning experience. However, you will not be able to download the videos as they are only available through streaming.

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Frequent Questions about the Certificates

About TforDesign Certifications:

All of TforDesign online courses offer certificates of completions after completing the course. Here are more information about the types of certificates:

What are the Premium Offers certificates about?
Premium offers have a limited number per batch (20-25 learners), the certificate of completion is issued to the learner upon completion of all the course requirements. During the course period, the learners are followed closely by a TforDesign facilitator. Thus, TforDesign is able to verify the performance of each graduate.

You can read more information about our premium offers structure and topics covered on each through the course’s landing pages HERE.

What are the standard self-paced certificates about?  
A certificate is system-generated after the learner completes 100% of the course materials. The certificate indicates the entire course was completed as validated by the student. TforDesign does not provide any additional validation on the skills acquired from the course other that those verified by the student him/herself.

The topics covered on each of the courses are listed in each of the certificate for easier reference on the expected competencies. You can visit the course page for more detailed information about the exact topics covered in the perspective course. You can find all the courses HERE.

I finished my course, but I still can’t access my certificate of completion. Why is that?
In order to receive your certificate of completion, each curriculum item must be marked as complete. Double-check the course curriculum in the course player to make sure each lecture and course item has a checkmark beside it and is marked as complete.

Do all courses offer certificates of completion?
Yes, all the courses include a certificate of completion.

How can I change the language of my certificate of completion?
Unfortunately, all our certifications are issued only in English at the moment.