About TforDesign School

We are Learners First, Designers Second

What is the TforDesign School?

TforDesign started with the core belief that learning is enabling. A belief that also runs to the core of the TforDesign School: to enable you to create the future.
The TforDesign School focuses on developing design-related learning experiences empowering individuals and organizations to design and create their own future, literally.

With its first course published in 2015, the school currently covers 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Simulation, and Sustainability.
More areas are coming soon. Stay tuned. Each course at the TforDesign School was handcrafted from the ground up.
Each learner gets direct, personalized support on any course they enroll in.

Our Vision

Empowering 1 million Design Innovators to lead the future.

Our Mission

To equip and empower a global community of learners with the skills and confidence to lead in the field of design innovation.

What Beliefs do We Run on?

  •  Every learner is special and unique
  • Individual, unique support to every learner
  • Everyone is an Einstein in their own right
  • Details matter
  • Simplicity is more valuable than complexity
  • When in doubt, refer to the 10 rules of good design by Dieter Rams
Everyone is an einstein in their own right
tfordesign work hard on re-evaluating the best learning experiences

What Keeps Us Busy?

At the TforDesign School, we work day in and day out on building engaging learning experiences by continuously re-evaluating what learning means and how it should be, especially for online learning. Why? Because it can be better.

What is Next for the TforDesign School?

From one side, the TforDesign school aims to be a destination for skilling and reskilling designers of the future. On the other side, the school aims to be a destination for employers to acquire and upskill talents. While at it, we aim to make a mark on what the future of education could be.

Who is behind the TforDesign School?

You can check out the TforDesign Team page to know more about the core team driving the TforDesign School.