Hey, we are the folks behind the window 

Tfordesign founder and manager

Tayseer Almattar | Founder & Mangaer

Tayseer mainly handles expansions of TforDesign operations, conversing with partners, and guiding TforDesign’s strategic direction. For many years, Tayseer worked in different training functions in one of the globally leading oil and gas corporations handling functions from first-hand training, curriculum design, and quality assurance to accredited institutions. He is also a co-founder of ideabee Design Consultancy.

Tayseer has a passion for driving Design methodologies like Design Thinking as an approach towards value creation to organizations. He authored the book Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020 published by Packt Publishing. Tayseer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Design degree in International Design and Business Management. In his free time, Tayseer enjoys exploring the outdoors and playing video games.

tfordesign technical support lead

Mohsina Zafer | Technical Support Lead

Mohsina handles the ongoing technical support for TforDesign’s SOLIDWORKS courses. She is the one who would give you a push whenever you face difficulty following up with our technical SOLIDWORKS courses. Mohsina believes in changing the world through innovation and technology. She is a Mechatronics and Control Engineer who is also passionate about CAD design and machine and deep learning.

Her love for 3D modeling started 6 years ago in which she has been utilizing SOLIDWORKS as her main design tool for different projects. When not working, Mohsina loves to read and make restaurant-quality food. 

tfordesign graphic and marketing lead

Chloe Tam | Graphics & Marketing Lead

Chloe mainly leads the marketing strategy and related graphic designs for TforDesign. For the last 4 years, Chloe worked in advertising, event marketing, graphic design, and store planning design. Chloe brings in a diverse marketing and creative skills and knowledge to the team.

Chloe has a passion for learning new skills to execute creativity in unique and unusual ways.   Chloe has a Bachelor of Design degree in Advertising Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In her free time, Chloe enjoys drawing illustrations and hanging out with friends.


Theodoros Leftheris

Co-Instructor of
Pokémon course

Alina Tirdea

Co-Author of
Project X Guide

Aurelia Li

UX Consultant

On Shun Lo


Victoria Shum


Joanne Lin


Jasmine Lai