3D modeling competition - Project X | TforDesign

Create your first character using any 3D modeling software

What is Project X ? Who is X ?

X is the main character of this 3D modeling contest.  X comes from a virtual world and need someone to make him/her real. Your mission is to 3D model a new body and accessories for X

How to Join?

All you have to do is to 3D model one the 3 tasks listed below using any 3D modeling software. Those are to 3D model a hat, a dress/body, or a complete X. To help guide you in the 3D modeling process, you can download the Project X guide linked below.

Make sure to share your  3D Renderings on YOUR OWN Instagram with #TforDesignschool and #Makeitreal2020 and tag our Instagram page in your photo (@TforDesign.School) for a chance to win prizes.  

Task 1
Give X a Speical Hat

Start with something small? How about designing some accessories? Model a   helmet? or A straw hat? It's all up to you!

Task 2
Dress X Up

Be X stylist. A formal suit for date or a costume for party? You can design the outfit whatever you want!

Task 3
Make X Complete

Want something challenging? you should definitely go for this options. Create your X from scratch.

Prizes for both Makers and Voters.

Winners for 3D modeling will be determined based on how many likes the 3D model render will have on your Instagram post, while voters will be randomly selected. Here is a breakdown:

For the makers:
3 most liked/voted models will be selected as winners! The prize will include:
- a 
3D Printed version of your model to be mailed to you
- a 
CSWA Exam voucher or free enrollment to one of TforDesign's online Courses

*Note: Each category (Hat / Body / Full X ) will have 1 winner.

For the voters:
We’ll randomly pick 2 winners and the prize will be a FREE enrolment one of TforDesign online courses.

Closing date for entries will be on 6 September 11:00 P.M (Hong Kong TIME - UTC +8). No further entries will be considered. 

Download Project X Guide

This guide takes through the journey of building your own Project X. Through that journey, you will be using your 3D modeling skill to tackle one part of the project after the other. By the end of it, you will have a version of Project X which you can call your own. In addition, your skills in 3D modeling and presentation would grow stronger, that is if you survived through. The content of this publication fits for anyone using or learning 3D Modeling. When specific instructions are provided, they are provided according to the design software SOLIDWORKS.  

Tips to win the Contest?

  • More creative models and Multiple entries have higher chances to wining.
  • Ask your friends and family to like your photo(s).
  • Type a short description for the model you create to share your modeling experiences or the story of your X.
  • join the competition earlier to have more time for more likes.

Follow up with the Contest

Follow the TforDesign School Instagram (@TforDesign.School) page to keep updated with the progress of the contest. We will be sharing different works by the participants as well as announcing the winners there.

Project X Contest Terms and Conditions

  1. TforDesign have the right to change or modify these terms and conditions and effective immediately. Tfordesign team also reserves the right to cancel the competition if circumstances arise outside of its control.
  2. There is no entry fee.
  3. Closing date for entry and vote will be on 6 September 11:00pm (H.K TIME , UTC+8). No further entry permission will be permitted.
  4. The 3D model is original, and the participant's own work.
  5. The 3D Printed parts will be of white plastic without any coloring applied.
  6. The 3D printed assembly will be mixed together and printed as one part rather than each part printed separately.
  7. The contestants will provide the 3D Models in STL format for printing and will be responsible on providing a printable model free of errors.
  8. It is the responsibility of the winner contestant to follow the winning announcement on the official Instagram account (@TforDesign.School) and respond to the TforDesign team request for personal information to deliver the award.  
  9. It is the responsibility of the winning contestant to be responsive in providing personal information to process the awards. Failing to do so within 7 calendar days will forfeit the contestant.  The winners agree to provide the necessary personal information to TforDesign to deliver the award.
  10. TforDesign will confirm the prize and notify the winner when and where the prize can be collected / is delivered.
  11. Contestants must tag the Instagram account (@TforDesign.School) in your photo and use the hashtags #TforDesignSchool and  #Makeitreal2020 in order to be visible to the TforDesign committee.
  12. Winners will be decided based on the number of likes in their Instagram posts.