Model Pokémon Using SOLIDWORKS

This is a fun course that takes you from knowing nothing about SOLIDWORKS to getting familiarized with basic but important features of modeling Pokémon! During the course you will learn the basic features of SOLIDWORKS and the significance of the order of features, repeat and practice these skills to build a familiar model, and create the greatest possible resemblance of the SOLIDWORKS model to the actual Pokémon. 

Project X

This guide takes through the journey of building your own Project X. Through that journey, you will be using your 3D modeling skill to tackle one part of the project after the other. By the end of it, you will have a version of Project X which you can call your own. In addition, your skills in 3D modeling and presentation would grow stronger, that is if you survived through. The content of this publication fits for anyone using or learning 3D Modeling. When specific instructions are provided, they are provided according to the design software SOLIDWORKS.

Portfolio Starter Kit

The kit covers essential information about why you need a portfolio and some key points you should consider when making one. One major message is that a portfolio is for everyone who delivers any kind of service to employers or clients. Get your Portfolio Building Start Kit and start working on building your portfolio now.