Get your SOLIDWORKS Journey Started with Confidence!

This webinar is perfect for individuals who don't have first-hand experience with SOLIDWORKS but have wondered about it.

Introduction to Parametric 3d modeling & solidworks

SOLIDWORKS is becoming an industry standard for anything relating to 3D Modeling. What is the software about and how to use it? Get to know about it in this FREE webinar. More importantly, you will also get a taste of it.

What does this Webinar Cover?

  • What is SOLIDWORKS and Parametric Modeling
  • What are the different specializations in SOLIDWORKS
  • Hands-on demonstration on using SOLIDWORKS 3D Modeling
  • Open floor to questions

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Model Pokémon Using SOLIDWORKS

This is a fun course that takes you from knowing nothing about SOLIDWORKS to getting familiarized with essential features of SOLIDWORKS by3D modeling Pokémon! During the course, you will learn the basic features of SOLIDWORKS and the significance of features' order in the design tree. Practice using SOLIDWORKS and create the greatest possible resemblance of the SOLIDWORKS model to the actual Pokémon.

Project X 

This guide takes you through the journey of building your own Project X. Through that journey, you will be using your 3D modeling skill to tackle one part of the project after the other. By the end of it, you will have a version of Project X which you can call your own. In addition, your skills in 3D modeling and presentation would grow stronger, that is, if you survived through it. The content of this publication fits for anyone using or learning 3D Modeling. When specific instructions are provided, they are provided according to the design software SOLIDWORKS.