Our Story

An online learning platform aiming to maximize the learners’ potential by putting them at the center of the learning experience.

TforDesign started designing and producing online courses back in 2015 with the courses being published on large open platforms, as well as in collaboration with different partners. The reach of our courses included more than 30,000 students in more than 120 countries.

Looking at the current state of open learning today, the drop-out rate for online courses can be as high as 96% according to an MIT study. Feeling for those missed opportunities, we decided to refine our approach and create our platform to design flexible and engaging online learning experiences that put the learner at the center of the learning.

The result was a platform with well-crafted learning experiences with a focus on learners completing and benefiting from the courses rather than focusing on generating sales. The new platform is TforDesign School.

Other than the TforDesign School, TforDesign also provides business services to help organizations design and develop their own learning experiences.

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