Introduction to Parametric 3D Modeling & SOLIDWORKS
Live Webinar

Introduction to Parametric 3D Modeling & SOLIDWORKS

By TforDesign School

Parametric 3D modeling is the core principle used for most 3D CAD software, including SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Fusion 360, etc. Understanding what is parametric 3D modeling is essential to being able to use the 3D CAD software optimally.  Among 3D CAD software, SOLIDWORKS is the most used for professional applications and is becoming standard in the field.

So, what is parametric 3D modeling, and what is SOLIDWORKS about? Let us talk about it in this free, open webinar. Join us! We would love to meet you. 

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    Thursday August 12 , 2021

    At 09:30 AM HKT

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 What does this Webinar Cover? 

This webinar is perfect for individuals who don't have first-hand experience with SOLIDWORKS but have wondered about it.

What is Parametric 3D Modeling

Get a deep understanding of what parametric 3D modeling is, its advantages, and how to utilize it 


What exactly is SOLIDWORKS and why it is popular

What are the different specializations in SOLIDWORKS

What are the 3D modeling disciplines that exist within SOLIDWORKS modeling

Hands-on demonstration on using SOLIDWORKS 3D Modeling

How does the software look like, and how to use it to make your first 3D Model

Open floor to questions

Ask any question you have in mind to the speaker

The Speaker

Tayseer Almattar is the founder of TforDesign and the author of Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020. He is passionate about how human-centered design can add value to organizations. When it comes to prototyping or designing physical prototypes, SOLIDWORKS is his software of choice. Tayseer has been training people on how to use SOLIDWORKS since 2015.

The Organizer

TforDesign school houses a number of learning experiences catering to designers and creators to enable them to design/create the future.

  Those include different levels of SOLIDWORKS courses, 3D Printing, Portfolio Building, Simulations, and Sustainability. You can check out the TforDesign School for more info.