Premium Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Training

This limited online intensive offer is for individuals who are serious about starting their journey with SOLIDWORKS and getting the official SOLIDWORKS Associate Certification (CSWA) all in one go. This training will take  you from never have used SOLIDWORKS to obtaining the official CSWA certification in one month. 


This course is not open for enrollment

Premium Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Training (Online)

Guarantee to get your official SOLIDWORKS Associate Certificate Starting from Scratch

Course Summary 

CSWA stands for Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate. It is the first official elementary certification offered by SOLIDWORKS to help you stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market.  Being a CSWA is shows that you have all the basic must-have skills for a serious SOLIDWORKS users.  

The official certification is your benchmarked proof of your SOLIDWORKS skills that are carries a higher weight compared to saying “I know how to use SOLIDWORKS”.


You will need access have access to SOLIDWORKS 2016 or newer to be able to fully follow up with the course. If you don’t have access to SOLIDWORKS, you can check out the evaluation version HERE.

Why Enroll In This Training?

    • .Guarantee to get you official SOLIDWORKS Associate Certificate (CSWA) – Exam voucher is included in the training.   
    • .Get connected with a small community of people of similar interests.  
    • .Get live support from experienced SOLIDWORKS Specialists.  

Guarantee to become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)

Get course fees refund if you do not get certified

Get connected with a small community of people of similar interests

Get live support from experienced SOLIDWORKS Specialist

How Does This Training Work?  

    • In a nutshell, we will start with you from scratch and end with you being CSWA certified. The course experience mixes a unique combination of precise pre-recorded lectures, community, live online demonstrations, and continuous support through chat and calls. The class will only have 20 – 25 people and will continue for one month by the end of which, we will provide with a voucher to take the CSWA exam.  

Time Commitment 

    • 10-20 hours/week

Our Students' Achievement

Meet The Session Lead

    • Tayseer is the founder of TforDesign and the author of the book Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020 published by Packt publishing. He has been training SOLIDWORKS since 2015 with an audience of more than 20,000 students. Many of his students have obtained their CSWA certificates as well as higher professional-level certifications. Tayseer holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from North Caloraina State University and a Master of Design Degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

Topics Covered In This Training

    • - How to navigate through the SOLIDWORKS interface. 
    • - How to sketch with different sketch commands. 
    • - How to define sketches using relations or distances. 
    • - How to use more than 10 different features to create 3D models. (extruded boss and cut, fillet, chamfers, revolved boss   and cut, swept boss and cut,
    •   lofted boss and cut).  
    • - How to create additional reference planes. 
    • - How to modify given parts to match design needs. 
    • - How to explore different materials for your models. 
    • - How to find your model's mass, volume, and center of gravity. 
    • - How to assemble different parts into an assembly file. 
    • - How to define a new coordinate system.  
    • - How to generate drawings from parts and models. 
    • - How to interpret different drawing annotations. 
    • - Many exercises on all elements  
    • - Full mock-up CSWA exam.  
    • - Hints to follow for the official certification exam. 


A TforDesign certification of completion will be issued for you after the completion of the all the course requirements. Also, we will provide you with an exam voucher to take the official Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate exam to obtain the official certification.

Course Fee

$ 599 (Regular Price $799) - Get special offer by signing up before the end of the countdown below. 

Next Cohort Start - End Dates 

June 1st to June 31st 2020


Certificate of Achievement 

Once you complete all the course materials, you will get downloadable certificate of Achievement. More importantly, you will be able to highlight your SOLIDWORKS skills in your resume.